Shopping with us

Sometimes with spray cans that have sticky content, like hairspray, the spray head can get jammed. If this happen we recommend you to try to remove the spray head and put it in boiling water. You may also use acetone. If above doesn't work contact us and we will send you a new spray head.
Sometimes the effect can feel like it's been missed out. We strongly advice that you follow the instructions. You can find them here - Instructions If you miss the stickyness, try to rub your hands intense. You want to get the warmth up in your hand palms so the gel is absorbed. Anti-sweat effect is there. But if it's very warm and humid sweat from the arm can reach the palm. We recommend to use a sweat band if you still have problems with sweat.
If we have your products in stock it shouldn't take more than 1-2 days before you have them (Nordic countries). For EU deliveries it might take a few extra days. Rest assured that we do all we can to get you stacked up with your GrippyGripz products as soon as possible.

Returns are made by contacting us on info@grippygripz.com

Once the product then have been returned we will credit you for it. Any fees for shipping will stay - we credit the cost on the product.