We have created the best protection tape for Padel. Many players spend big money on their padel rackets. Many of them without padel protector – protecting the racket from cracks when hitting fence etc. We really recommend to spend a few extra bucks to protect your padel racket. It can really save you a lot of money in return. We all look for the best padel protector for our racket but seldom find it. GrippyGripz padel protection tape is both really good looking and a super protection for you padel racket. We tested and analyzed different padel protection tapes before we made ours. It’s the new first hand choice when it comes to protecting your padel racket. In padel tennis it’s important to have a good padel racket protector because you often hit the fence or glas. This could mean game over for your beloved padel racket. Our padel racket protection tape has a unique design and construction that will give your padel racket the perfect mix good looks and protection. So if you want to give your padel racket a longer life – invest in a Grippygripz protection tape for the frame of the racket –  stay on top with protection tape from GrippyGripz.