Many players complain about their padel grip and many are surprised of how noticable a bad grip can be when you play padel tennis. We all look for the best grip tape but seldom find it. GrippyGripz grip gel is the best anti-sweat padel grip improving product. It’s the new standard choice when it comes to improve you grip in padel. In padel tennis it’s important to have a non-slip grip because it can affect your play if you have a bad grip and start to slip Mainly this happends because of sweat but grip tapes also have a short lifetime. Our padel grip gel‘s unique formula will give you the perfect mix of long lasting stickyness and dryness without causing dust, white hands or stains. It’s also easy to wash off! Unlike other glue-like products where you grip gets too sticky and it irritates the skin. We together with sport scientists, ordinary and professional players have concluded that too much stickyness will instead make you unable to fine tune your grip during play. So if you want a better grip in padel, try Grippygripz grip gel –  always feeling on top. And hey, if you aren’t happy with the grip gel just send it back.